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Xi'an Special Snack

Xi'an is a tourist city, is also Food and snack famous city, where you can enjoy a taste of Shaanxi Food.

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① Dumpling dinner
    Dumpling Dinner is almost the alternative name refers to the cuisine of Xi`an. Actually, whether you are traveling in the north or the south of China, one delicacy you are almost sure to find on the menu is the dumpling (Jiaozi). A universal favorite, the Chinese dumpling has a long history and is an essential part of celebratory meals such as those prepared for the Chinese Spring Festival. The dumpling can be anything from a quick snack to a delicacy with which to entertain family and friends or the basis of a veritable banquet.
② Yang Rou Pao Mo
    Yang Rou Pao Mo (Crumbled Unleavened Bread Soaked in Mutton Stew) is a local dish that is enjoyed throughout Shaanxi Province but is particularly popular in Xi'an City as a traditional nourishing meal. Not only do the local people enjoy it on a regular basis; it is also often appreciated by visiting celebrities. A highly seasoned mutton gravy in which bread is soaked, Yang Rou Pau Mo smells and tastes great. When the weather is cold, this dish is a sure way to warm you up!
③ Cold noodles
    Cold noodles are a local dish in Southern Shaanxi and Central Shaanxi. The cold noodles made in Central Shaanxi are generally made from the wheat flour through steaming while those made in Southern Shaanxi are made from the rice flour through the same process. Cold noodles are served after they are mixed with gluten, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic sauce. Sometimes, they can be served as a hot snack after they are stir-fried with sliced meat, sausage and greens.
Chinese hamburger
   Rouga Mo is the ancient Chinese "meat sandwiched steamed" referred to, one of the China food Han characteristics in Shaanxi province. In order to Rouga Mo wax juice in Shaanxi area "" (pork) and the Ningxia area "lamb meat pie". Chinese hamburger is Shaanxi province famous midget (Baoji) famous snack snacks and Xi'an city. Ningxia Rouga Mo for sheep meat stuffing. Each stand before the stove, and there is no difference in other areas in Northwest China steamed.
⑤ Qishan noodles with      ingredients
    Qishan noodles have a long history and became well-known as early as the Qing Dynasty. The noodles must be hand-made of good wheat flour. The ingredients include pork shreds, day lily, egg, wood fungus, and bean curd which are flavored with a variety of spices. Qishan noodles originated in Qishan County, hence the name Qishan noodles. When they are served, there is more soup, which tastes sour and hot, than noodles in the bowl.
⑥ Qianxian Guo Kui
    Guo Kui, a well-known snack in Qianxian County, is thick in the middle and thin on the verge with designs of the wheel on the surface. It is crisp and tasty and is always a good present for friends and relatives. When it is made, the wheat flour is mixed with a minimum amount of water and then baked over low flame so that it is easy to be stored and handy to take because it contains very little moisture. That is why it is often the custom of the local people of Shaanxi to travel with it as their food. Guo Kui is one of the "Ten Strange Features" in Central Shaanxi and it is often described as big as a lid of a wok.
⑦ Huanggui persimmon     pancakes
   Huanggui persimmon pancakes are a specialty in Xi'an. They are made of Lintong fire-crystal persimmon, wheat flour, osmanthus sauce, rose petals, walnuts and sugar; and then they are baked until golden colored on both sides.
⑧ Crystal pancakes
    Crystal pancakes are traditional Shaanxi pastry bearing a 800- year history. The red paper sheet that covered the cakes read, “Penetrating are your eyes, and pure is your heart; being able to tell the loyal from the wicked, you are upright from the start." The name of the sender was "an old man from Weibei." Later, Kou's chef learned its cooking technique. The name "Crystal pancakes" given by Kou is still in use today.
⑨ Korean and Japanese      Cuisine
    The glutinous rice with jujube, a traditional breakfast in central Shaanxi plain, is a kind of dessert made of glutinous rice and jujube steamed in the old rice steamer “Zeng”, with mellow jujube and sticky-sweet rice. The best-know glutinous rice with jujube is made by the Muslims in Lianhu (Lotus Lake) District of Xi’an. The glutinous rice with jujube nowadays is the succession of the “crystal glutinous rice cake” in Tang Dynasty, served for Tang Emperor Zhongzong (Li Zhe) as offerings by his courtier Wei Juyuan..
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